Handbook on Urban Food
Security in the Global South

June 17, 2021 | By More

This 19-chapter book – edited by Jonathan Crush, Bruce Frayne and Gareth Haysom, and published by Edward Elgar Publishing – shows the greatest food challenges we will face centre on the fact that the highest demand for food will come from the world’s poorest. Africa will demand the greatest share and those people will be living in cities not yet built.

At the book’s launch, Dr Haysom commented that it comes at a particular point in the urban transition of southern cities and provides a richness of perspectives that reflect the diversity of southern realities. These bring unique insights and lessons also to the Global North.

‘With global rates of food insecurity surging, now more than ever we need to better understand the critical shifts impacting food systems around the world. Including essays from an impressive set of contributors, the Handbook on Urban Food Security in the Global South explores how and why hunger and malnutrition is on the rise in cities across the Global South. This is a must read for food security policymakers, scholars and students.’

– William G. Moseley, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography, and Director of the Program for Food, Agriculture & Society, Macalester College, US

‘This book challenges conventional thinking about food security as primarily a problem of limited food production. It shows the complexity and interconnectedness of urban food security issues, and the power of the globalized industrial food systems that frame the growing food insecurity of cities of the global South. It shows decisively that tackling urban food security demands moving beyond the search for new “green revolutions”.’

– Bill Adams, Emeritus Moran Professor of Conservation and Development, University of Cambridge, UK

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